About Kanis Powersports

Kanis Powersports is truly an industry leader in the offroad sector. As a leading importer and retailer of ATVs, Dirtbikes, UTVs, Electric Bikes (E-Bikes), Dunebuggys, Parts, Accessories and more.

The team behind Kanis Powersports has been in the offroad industry since 2000 and has worked with all offroad vehicle manufacturers and retailers in Canada, USA, China and Japan. With this extensive experience and industry connections, Kanis Powersports was formed many years ago with the aim to bring quality, affordable offroad vehicles to Canada. The line up of product that we carry is designed exclusively for the Canadian market to deal with and push through the Canadian weather! We cater to all ages and all needs, from kids getting their first ATV to learn on to hunters that go deep into the woods in the winter. Our amazing line of Dirtbikes also cater to all ages and ambitions, from the professional dirtbike champ to the amateur aiming high.

With recent regulation around Electronic bikes (E-Bikes) in Ontario, E-Bikes are extremely popular. The ease and convenience of a bike with the power of a strong reliable battery that helps you to reach your destination, do deliveries or provide you with a leisurely ride around town. E-Bikes come in various shapes and sizes, at Kanis Powersports, we offer a wide variety.

Sales and Service

At Kanis Powersports, we sell a great line up of products, but we also provide warranty and service of the ATV’s and Bikes that we sell. We have an in-house service team that looks after the implantation of the warranty and provides repair and service on all products we sell.

Import, Retail & Wholesale

We work directly with our manufacturing partners in China to constantly improve upon the design and offering for our clients. We import ATVs, E-Bikes, Dirtbikes and more on a regular basis and provide them to our retail and wholesale customers.

We are constantly looking for new business minded people to work with us as dealers or as wholesalers.