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All about ATVs for kids and adults from Kanis Powersports

No matter the weather, ATV’s are fun all year round. At Kanis Powersports, we carry a large number of ATV‘s, Dirtbikes, Electric Bikes (also known as E-Bikes), Snowblowers and related accessories such as helmets, goggles and gloves.

An ATV, short for All-Terrain-Vehicle is designated as an off-road vehicle, which means that it isn’t designed for use on the roads and should be used on private properties (such as farms, parking lots, private roads), offroad trails (which are generally maintained by local, regional or municipal governments) and in some cases small roads where the local municipality approves its use. Some public parks allow ATV use, unless it indicates that “No motorized vehicles” allowed. Whatever the situation, it is advisable to check the local laws and guidelines and obtain the proper permission to ride the ATV.

ATV safety and in general offroad vehicle safety is a key component of the overall offroading experience. At Kanis Powersports we always suggest that riders wear proper

Transportation of ATV‘s is another area which needs some careful attention, depending on the size of the ATV, some they can fit in a variety of vehicles. Here are some of the sizes of ATV’s and what possible age range they can be used for:

110 cc ATV – The 110cc ATV is usually the smallest of the ATV’s and is a kids ATV, also knows as a Kids Quad. These ATV’s have the 110 cc engine in them and it is suggested that you invest in the version that has safety features.

125 cc ATV – This is still consdered a kids ATV as it is smaller, however some adults can also ride this. Top speeds can range up to 45-50 KM/h

150cc ATV – The 150cc ATV has a stronger engine and allows for stronger pull and better traction on rough terrain as well as snow and ice.

200 cc ATV – The 200cc ATV has a lot more power than other ATV’s listed above, not only is the engine stronger, allowing users to tow things as well as push things around. The 200cc ATV is the starting point for an ideal size engine that can have a plow attached for snow removal. Although any size ATV can have a snow plow, at the 200cc engine size has enough power to prevent tires from spinning and push through the snow.

500cc ATV – The 500cc ATV is a powerful beast, although excessive fast speeds aren’t what riders look for, these stronger ATVs are great for hunting, great fun outdoors. These ATVs are fuel injected, they have aluminum rims and they come with a tow package hitch for trailers and other accessories

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