ATV TAO MOTOR REX Automatic 125cc


Product Description


Looking for an ATV that’s powerful and tough enough for an adult, but designed for a kid?

The REX 125cc atv from TAO MOTOR!

This large oversized frame gives it a sport look with clean and impeccable cuts equipped with a sport suspension of surprising quality and a wide and padded seat offering comfort and pleasure to use

The REX 125 is made for children but will suit perfectly to parents

This atv is equipped with a solid steel protective plate located below the engine and below the running boards, allowing it to overcome all obstacles without any problem.

The REX is built with a completely redesigned steering system that is ball bearing mounted and greasseable in key high wear areas for increased longevity providing ease of use and smooth running.

The TAO MOTOR REX has aggressive 19-7-8 front and 18.9.5-8 rear tires that provide excellent traction and performance on a wide variety of terrain, while improving ride quality and smoothness. beadlock style rim and steel belted for added strength

The new SOHC 125cc four-stroke engine from TAO MOTOR is equipped with a much more efficient aluminum cylinder. It has electric start and automatic forward and reverse transmission and is fitted with a pro-racing muffler giving it even more power to climb hills with ease and will have no problem pulling an adult.

The REX 125 has a much thicker and more resistant body to the unexpected travels and a solid fully functional composite luggage rack, with studs to anchor the tie-down straps. Your young rider can pack adventure essentials for a day of fun exploring your property.

It is also equipped with a practical digital dashboard indicating your speed, engine speed and mileage.

Hang on to your handlebars; these ATVs are a slap in the face of all the others on the market but just as safe as their predecessors.

And if your young rider is new to throttle control, the REX’s throttle limiter will allow you to control top speed to suit its 0-50k mph capabilities. When they demonstrate an appropriate skill level, you can increase the speed at your discretion

The TAO MOTORS REX comes with a unique wireless engine stop key fob, giving the supervising adult an extra level of control. A simple press of the stop button will turn off the motor and the REX will stop. The adult can then press the remote control to restart the motor for them.

For the greatest caution, the REX is equipped with a safety stop cord that can be attached after the child and which will instantly turn off the motor of the ATV in the event of a fall or if your child gets off the vehicle.

Cool LED front marker lights help keep the REX visible as your youngster ventures around your property. The rear brake lights are also high visibility LEDs.

The TAO MOTOR REX has dual front disc brakes and a rear disc brake that provide smooth and consistent stopping power

Hydraulic brake systems use light-pull levers sized for small hands to provide extra confidence when the driver needs to slow the vehicle.

Hang on to your handlebars; these atv put a slap in the face of all the others on the market

  • Engine emergency stop
  • Stop button with rope
  • Ergonomic thumb
  • Engine skid plate makes traversing tough trails safer
  • Running boards fixed independently of the frame for unequaled solidity as well as firm and tailor-made support.
  • New forward and reverse hydraulic braking system
  • Parental Speed ​​Limiter
  • Remote Shutdown Parental Control Remote
  • Digital LCD display showing speed, rpm, engine temperature and an operating hours counter.
  • Steering wheel mounted on ball bearings for greater mobility
  • Reinforced steel wheels with colored hubcaps
  • Performance muffler that gives it a powerful sound
  • All-new front and rear LED lighting system for clearer vision
  • Aggressive tires for better traction
  • Starting: electric start
  • Transmission: chain drive
  • Gear shift: foot
Weight and size
Wheelbase : 38
Height from step to seat of : 21
N.W : 243 lbs
Fuel capacity : 2.2 L (0.6 gallon)
Front handbrake : hydraulic discs
Rear brake : hydraulic discs
Front tires : 19×7-8
Rear tires : 18×9.5-8
Front suspension : 12.4
Rear suspension : 12.2
Maximum load : 250 lbs
Overall Size : 59x39x38
Cooling : Air cooled
Engine Gear : Automatic Transmission (D/N/R)
engine size : 125cc SOHC
engine type : 1 Cylinder, 4-Stroke