Kanis Powersports

Classic 201 Electric Bike

The Classic 201 Electric Bicycle is a great addition to the world of smooth riding and efficient E-Bikes.

With a price tag of just $1350, you can cut down on your travel expenses quickly. Available in Black, Blue and White colors this e-bike can help you glide through the traffic pretty effortlessly with the added power of the high hub motor.


This beast sports a 350 watts brushless high hub motor with a lithium polymer capacity. The 900-1000 battery cycle on this thing can help you get to those far off places and at the top speed of 32 KM/H. The disk brakes in the front and in the back will have you resting assured of the security in those sticky situations.

Some of the added features add a great deal of value to this beast, such as the shimano shifter, cruise control (for those long trips when you don’t want to be shifting gears throughout the journey) and LCD displays for help in those darkest nights as you cruise through the city.


Engine Size 350 watt brushless high hub motor
Engine type Lithium Polymer
Battery Cycle 900-1000
Range 70km+ depend on usage
Max Speed 32KM/H
Front hand brake Disk
Rear foot brake Disk
Climb Ability 25 degree +
Tire front 26×1.96 Kenda Mountain Tire
Tire rear 26×1.96 Kenda Mountain Tire
Suspension rear (inch) 5 cent a day $1.5 per month
Battery 36V-11AH
Net Weight (lbs) 30